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Mainstream - The Betrayed

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Melissa George, Christian Campbell, Alice Krige
Written and directed by Amanda Gusack
MGM Home Entertainment 2009
98 minutes

The Betrayed is an excellent and very smart psychological thriller DVD that must not pass under anybody’s radar. Writer director Amanda Gusack tells a great story and keeps the viewer interested and tense throughout the whole movie. The Betrayed proves you do not need a big budget and big time stunts and explosions to make a very good thriller. All you need is a good script and solid actors. This movie has both and then some.

The movie stars Melissa George of Grey’s Anatomy as a housewife who is kidnapped and held prisoner with her son until she tells her captors where the money is. The problem is she has no idea what money they are talking about. She also slowly discovers she has no idea who the man she has been married to for six years really is.

The Betrayed basically takes place in one room at a deserted factory and limits itself to two characters: Jamie (Melissa George) and the masked captor (an uncredited Phillip Mitchell). The captor knows much more about Jamie’s husband Kevin than she does as the people Kevin was working for had the couple’s house bugged. Jamie must listen to the tapes to figure out where Kevin and the money are.

Writer director Gusack really knows how how to pace a thriller and the information she wants the viewer to learn. She also really knows how to ratchet up the tension as time runs out on Jamie.

Another reason this thriller DVD works is Jamie is a very solid, strong, determined, and believable character. She is not one of those whiny victims so many movies are made of. The plot twists and turns are also great and well thought out.

The Betrayed is a superb thriller DVD you’ll watch a few times and lend to friends.

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