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Mainstream - Miss March - Unrated

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Miss March - Unrated and Theatrical versions
Zack Cregger, Trevor Moore, Raquel Alesi
Directed by Zack Cregger and Trevor Moore
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
94 minutes

Miss March should keep fat guys and anyone who does not have breasts amused. This is a gross-out humor comedy that did not need to go that route. Starring two of The Whitest Kids You Know, Zack Cregger and Trevor Moore, as two buddies on a road trip to the Playboy Mansion, this comedy DVD has enough good situational jokes it did not need the too many poop jokes it parades as if they were the latest thing in funny.  Miss March is squarely aimed at teen boys even if the Unrated Version of Miss March features bare breasts and more foul language than normal even for this kind of movie.

Virginal Eugene and his lecherous best friend Tucker drive across the country to get to the Playboy Mansion. Eugene has been in a coma for four years and wants to find his high school sweetheart aka the girl he was saving himself for before an accident put him in a coma. Tucker finds a way to wake up Eugene, finds out Cindi is Miss March and residing at the Playboy Mansion, and liberates Eugene from the hospital so they can go find Cindi (and go to the Mansion of course).  Tucker is also running from every fireman in the U.S. after forking (no, really, forking) his girlfriend, a fireman’s sister.

Miss March has a few very good moments like the first chase scene involving firetrucks. There are also enough moments to offend most people who do have breasts. Writers / directors Cregger and Moore try to redeem some of the demeaning to women jokes at the end of the movie but these moments really lack sincerity.

The Miss March Unrated version is five minutes longer than the Theatrical version (both on the same DVD). These five minutes consist of a longer version of the rap video and women with bare breasts instead of bathing suit tops.

If you have testosterone and are pubescent, you are going to enjoy this comedy.

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