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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - Garfield Pet Force

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Garfield's Pet Force
Garfield Cat, Odie Dog, Jon Arbuckle
Cartoon DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
72 minutes

In this latest instalment cartoon DVD of the lasagne loving cat, in a far away galaxy lives a group of do-gooders "Pet Force" (strangely similar to Garfield and his gang) who encounter an evil villain (Vetvex) out to conquer their planet.  Vetvex is on the verge of succeeding, but Pet Force sends a team member to earth to get Garfield and gang to help save the day.

Garfield delivers his usual laughs and fun in this movie.  The gang of earthly Pet Force members are happy to help their counterparts.  There is lots of action, and the idea that starts it all off has kids thinking about different "what if" scenarios for themselves. 

The villain is an excellent example of how people can use other people, and my kids were quick to pick up on it.  They talked about how the things she did to gain her power weren't right - so in terms of this movie having a message, you can find one here.  Garfield is his usual "cut corners" kind of cat, and he quickly learns that maybe this isn't the best strategy, and works hard to remedy the situation.

The cartoon world here is vividly coloured and imaginative.  There is lots of humour for all ages, even for the older kids.  There are some scarier scenes, which might be more appropriate for the 8 years and over crowd.  Some of the mutants created by Vetvex are really creepy looking. 

Overall I would give this cartoon DVD a thumbs up - all of my kids loved it, and have asked to watch it several times.   They are now true fans of Garfield, and will be for a long time to come. 

Carolyn Genge

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