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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - Mr. Troop Mom DVD

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Mr. Troop Mom
George Lopez, Daniella Bobadilla, Elizabeth Thai
Directed by William Dear
Warner Home Video 2009
82 minutes

Mr. Troop Mom is the story of Eddie Serrano (George Lopez), a busy single dad who is always away from home working on his legal cases who has lost touch with Naomi, his tween daughter (Daniela Bobidilla).  She has an important sports camp weekend fast approaching and the mom that is supposed to take the team goes into labour and has a baby.  Eddie volunteers to take his daughter and her team on the weekend thinking it will be a piece of cake...and the fun soon ensues.

This is a great family movie.  Although there is not a lot of originality when it comes to the camping gags (think food fights and falling in the mud), there is a lot of silly entertainment that is enjoyable for the whole family.  Both George Lopez and Jane Lynch deliver solid performances, and there is a paternal connection on screen.  A surprising addition to the cast is Jane Lynch as the camp director, and she delivers in her customary deadpan and hilarious style.  I am always looking for a really good message in the DVD I let my kids watch, and in Mr. Troop Mom you will find one for both parents and kids alike.  Busy parents need to understand that kids of all ages need our time.  Kids can see the other side of the coin, how parents struggle to be there for them, when it's not always easy.

All in all I'd give the Mr. Troop Mom DVD an "A" - my kids were totally into it, on the edge of their seats, cheering for the "Killer Bees".  They really liked the characters, and could relate to them.  As for me, although there were some cliché moments, I enjoyed the movie, its message and the acting - this is a pleasing movie for the whole family. 

Carolyn Genge

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