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Action - Angel of Death

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Angel of Death
Zoe Bell, Doug Jones, Lucy Lawless
Directed by Paul Etheredge
Based on the Ed Brubaker graphic novel
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
78 minutes

Angel of Death is the action DVD adaptation of the Ed Brubaker graphic novel. This is a pretty good movie and probably better if you do not mind the many nods to its graphic novel origins. There's lots of action, interesting characters, and at 78 minutes long this movie does not waste a lot of the viewer's time. This is the Unrated and Unedited" aka straight to DVD version of Angel of Death.

Zoe Bell plays Eve, a hitman for some mob related organization. Angel of Death opens with her latest assignment where something goes wrong and Eve gets stabbed in the head. It seems this affects her so she has flashbacks of one of her victim. If her employers find out, they are going to toll Bell's character. (Yeah, I know).

Angel of Death is fun even if not many of the actors here, especially Jake Abel as a baddie, have any particular acting talent. Bell herself is no thespian but she is very good in fight scenes and her character is interesting enough to get you over that fact. The movie's low budget is somewhat evident (a couple of shots are even recycled) but that also does not get in the way of enjoyment.

This action movie DVD does require a large amount of willing suspension of disbelief, especially in the bathroom fight scene. This is something most viewers will easily give it. Continuity is also a bit of a problem, as in what happened to the body on top of the car, but, in the end, who cares.

Things get sort of wrapped up quickly in this action movie but, again, it is an enjoyable way to spend an evening.

Is it just me or does Zoe Bell look like a transvestite trying to be Leelee Sobieski? I ask because that is something that kept coming to mind while watching this action DVD.

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