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Science Fiction - Stargate SG1 - Children of the Gods

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Stargate Children of the Gods Final Cut
Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge
MGM Home Entertainment 2009
92 minutes

Stargate Children of the Gods is the pilot episode for Stargate SG 1 and continues the myth arc of Stargate the movie (1994). Watching this pilot is a little odd if you are only vaguely familiar with this science fiction show as in introduces characters you know are regulars. Even if you are not a fan of the series, Children of the Gods Final Cut is a good science fiction DVD.

Children of the Gods opens with the Stargate opening and letting in guys dressed up wolf head armature from Egyptian days. Their leader kidnaps the young woman soldier guarding the gate. A general sends for Colonel Jack O’Neill  (Richard Dean Anderson), now retired. The general gets the true story of what happened before (i.e. in the movie) and wants to send another nuclear device to blow up whatever is on the other side of the gate. O’Neill prevails and gets the general to okay a mission.

Major Carter (Amanda Tapping) is added to the crew. They get to the other side of the gate, learn there are more gates and how to open them, are kidnapped by the baddies and so on until the resolution that sets up Stargate SG 1.

Stargate Children of the Gods Final Cut is fun to watch and, as TV pilots go, pretty good indeed. It can serve as a good introduction to new SG 1 fans. The story is good and manages to give backstory without it being clunky.

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