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Action - Sons Of Anarchy - Season 1

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Sons of Anarchy - Season 1
Charlie Hunnman, Ron Perlman, Katey Sagal
Maggie Siff, 13 Episodes 4 DVD
Originally aired on FX
Fox Home Entertainment 2009

Sons of Anarchy does for the biker world what The Godfather did for the Mafia (you know, the Male and Female Italians Association). This made for TV drama is excellent, captivating, well-acted and written, and has that extra something that will also interest female viewers. I know, I had one watching the Sons of Anarchy DVD set with me and she too was hooked.

There is something of the afternoon soap opera to Sons of Anarchy what with all the family secrets and old girlfriends showing up. This drama is the story of a California motorcycle club established in the town of Charming. Ron Perlman plays Clay Morrow, head of the Sons of Anarchy and stepfather to Jax, his right hand man (Charlie Hunnman). He is also married to Jax’s mother and Charming’s Queen Bee played brilliantly by Katey Sagal (yes, the Katey Sagal of Married With Children).

The story opens with Jax finding his father’s biographical novel in an old box, his soon to be ex-wife OD’s and delivering his premature born son. Jax’s first girlfriend and true love Tara Knowles is back in Charming and a doctor at, as Gemma Morrow puts it, St. Redneck’s. Tara is followed to Charming by her stalker boyfriend who happens to be an ATF agent.

It turns out the Sons of Anarchy have as many skeletons in their closet as they have buried six feet deep. The motorcycle club encounters difficulties with local gangs, some but not all of the local cops, the FBI and ATF, and their own past history. This is what the viewer is presented with and eagerly follows through the thirteen episodes on this 4 DVD set.

This is a very addictive TV drama. All of the actors are perfect in their roles and the insight into the workings of a motorcycle gang wrapped up in some soap opera style drama and stories make for a blend that really works.

Special features on the Season One Sons of Anarchy DVD set include the odd commentary track on some episodes, a bloopers reel, and the usual suspects.

Sons of Anarchy Season 2

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