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Science Fiction - Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead - David Tennant

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Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead
David Tennant, Michelle Ryan
BBC Video 2009
66 minutes

The Doctor is taking some time off from his regular BBC TV series but shows up for the occasional special and Doctor Who DVD. Planet of the Dead is the best Doctor Who episode ever made and I do not care which Doctor we are talking about. Planet of the Dead brings back a wisecracking and less gloomy David Tennant and Michelle Ryan as someone who would make a great companion.

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Planet of the Dead opens with a clever thief stealing a gold goblet from the British Museum. Lady Christina (Michelle Ryan) almost manages to get away without setting off any alarms. She escapes and finds refuge on a double decker bus, followed by The Doctor. The bus enters a tunnel, enters a worm hole, and ends up on another planet.

Doctor Who must figure out where he and the bus passengers are, what threat they are under, and how to get everybody back to London. He is more than ably assisted by Lady Christina who can certainly hold her own with The Doctor in terms of resourcefulness, wit, determination, and intelligence.

This Doctor Who episode is lots of fun and has everything a good show should have: interesting secondary characters, a good story, no Daleks whatsoever, and witty dialogue.

Planet of the Dead is the perfect introduction to those who are not familiar with this BBC science-fiction series or never got into the new TV series because of the old Doctor Who shows.

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