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Documentary - CBC Doc Zone - The Spies Who Came in from the Sea - Aug. 20th 2009 9 P.M.

CBC Doc Zone - The Spies Who Came in from the Sea - Aug. 20th 2009 9 P.M.
The Spies Who Came In From The Sea
Doc Zone
Thursday August 20th 2009 9 P.M.

WW II documentary fans, Canadian history buffs, and anyone who enjoys a good, truthful yarn will appreciate The Spies Who Came in from the Sea, the story of German activity in Canada between 1942 and 1943. A mix of some archival footage, actors recreating certain characters, and interview footage with some of the people involved in the events, this CBC documentary is quite good.

The Spies Who Came in from the Sea tells the story of a German landing in Labrador and of two German spies who landed in the Gaspe peninsula. The most interesting is the segment on the U-Boat accosting on the coast of Labrador so German meteorologists could set up a weather station to the Germans would be able to predict the weather in Great Britain. Photos of the U-Boat crew taken by a photography buff give this segment a historically accurate touch.

The other segments of this documentary are a brief glance at the work of U-Boats in the St-Laurence and the misadventures of two German spies in Quebec. Without playing spoiler, suffice to say the German spies proved to be rather inept. One was just not really into the spy game at all, the other quickly got discovered after using out of date bills to pay for his lodgings. This is quite interesting but would hardly make for a decent B thriller if the story was adapted to the big screen.

The Spies Who Came in from the Sea airs on Doc Zone, August 20th 2009 at 9 P.M. on CBC TV. It is preceded by Malls R Us, a minor documentary on the shopping mall past and present.

Also scheduled on Doc Zone is This Beat Goes On, Aug 27th and Sept 3rd at 9 P.M. This is a look at Canadian pop music in the 70s. A review will be posted shortly.

September 10th and 17th at 9 P.M. you will also be able to watch Rise Up, a look at Canadian pop music of the 80s.

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