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Science Fiction - Impact

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Natasha Hentsridge, David James Elliott, Benjamin Sadler
Made for TV 2008
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
190 minutes

Impact is not … earth shattering … but it is pretty decent. Do not mistake TV science fiction miniseries starring David James Elliott and Natasha Hentsridge with the dreadful Meteor (Jason Alexander, Christopher Lloyd). You should also not confuse this science fiction DVD with others like Armageddon, Deep Impact or Force of Impact although the basic plot elements are the same. Big ass asteroid threatens earth in some form or another. This two-part miniseries clocks in at a whopping 190 minutes so it is a bit long.

The premise for this science fiction DVD disaster movie is an asteroid impacts the moon. Parts of it get lodged inside it, causing a major change in the electromagnetic force. This means the moon’s orbit is changed, causing serious repercussions on earth. There’s more to it than that of course but why spoil the fun?

Like most American SF movies, the team of scientists and experts and so on is mostly American with a few other white folk from Europe. The main expert does have an Asian American as a computer wizard assistant so this way nobody can bitch about this entire sci-fi disaster flick being all white.

Foreshadowing is on the heavy side here. Kittner promises his kids to never leave without saying goodbye and the German expert (Benjamin Sadler) has always wanted to leave his mark on the planet.

There are many secondary stories in Impact filmed by the second unit, and featuring second banana actors. Some are hard to believe and pointless. They are there to add melodrama. Unfortunately, there are too many, too long,  and take away from the main story.

Impact does take a bit of time to really get rolling. Even when it does it moves along kind of slowly. This science fiction the end is nigh disaster TV movie could easily have been more dramatic and less melodramatic.

Impact is good enough to entertain most fans of the genre.

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