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Science Fiction - Six - The Mark Unleashed

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Six aka Six The Mark Unleashed
Stephen Baldwin, Amy Moon, David White, Kevin Downes
Directed by Kevin Downes
Originally released 2004
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
107 minutes

Six should be deep-sixed. This DVD is a much worse than usual Christian science-fiction B movie. It features the usual numerous preachy teachy moments, very low budget stuff, wooden acting, and Armageddon, the end is nigh, Satan rules kind of mumbo jumbo. There loads and loads of preachy stuff of course. Six The Mark Unleashed should be Left Behind

In the near future the world, 99.9% white folk, is in a Big Brother situation. Everybody follows The Leader (and, no, Six does not star Tom Cruise or John Travolta though you would think it would) and wears an implant that guarantees obedience. Some people have rebelled and are living under the radar.

If someone gets caught he gets his head chopped off after spending three weeks in a prison and a cell festooned with quotes from the Bible he can read to the audience. Ironically, although Six does not see that, this makes the prisoner more willing to get his head chopped off. The graffiti is also conveniently large enough it clearly shows up on the camera.

More than an hour and fifteen minutes after opening credits this Christian science fiction DVD gets started when an ex-cop with a secret agenda finally manages to escape with a couple of other guys. This is where the plot holes get really really big. They go to Leader Central and try to stop the satellites from tracking the implants thus giving people freedom.

A messiah shows up and stops the computer wiz from blocking the satellite feed.  It seems God is not against people being enslaved because it is good for the afterlife business.

Six is obviously a science fiction movie made by and starring people with an aluminum hat who claim the CIA implanted a chip in them.

On a creepy note: At the end of the movie one of the characters decides to go to Montana and join the Freemen. There’s a good Christian message for ya!

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