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Mainstream - Ally Mc Beal The Complete Series and Season One

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Ally McBeal The Complete Series
Calista Flockhart, Greg Germann, Jane Krakowski
32 DVD set
Originally aired FOX 1997-2002
Fox Home Entertainment 2009

Ally McBeal was chick flick TV: a woman with a good job and lots and lots of romantic intrigues and adventures. This David Kelly legal drama ran on Fox from 1997 to 2002. After a long wait, both Ally McBeal Season One and The Complete Series DVD sets are available. Unlike the WKRP debacle, the show has kept the original music that was sometimes at its core. Ally McBeal The Complete Series is 32 DVD for all 5 seasons, a special features disc, and a best of soundtrack disc.

Ally McBeal Season One at Amazon

Calista Flockhart played a young, single lawyer who works at a very weird and dysfunctional law firm headed by a former classmate and where her childhood sweetheart also works. Ally McBeal shares an apartment with Renee (Lisa Nicole Carson) who commiserates with Ally and all her sad love adventures.

The show was thin on actual law cases and thick on romantic and sexual intrigue. It was also famous for its quirky sense of humor and use of fantasy / dream sequences.

All this still works so this dramady is still fresh and fun to watch a few years later.

Is the Ally McBeal The Complete Series DVD set worth the price? It depends on how much you or the person you are buying this set for loved the show. If you do the math and divide the cost by 5 it works out to what your average TV DVD set comes to. There is also no knowing when and at what interval seasons 2 to 5 will be released.

My take is if it is Xmas or a birthday, what the hell…

Ally McBeal The Complete Series is really short on special features. DVD 31, the features disc, contains only 40 some minutes of goodies plus a crossover episode from The Practice titled Axe Murderer. The goodies are a nine-minute retrospective, two featurettes on season 2, one about season 3, a behind the scenes for season 5, and a Vonda Sheppard video. Bit stingy if you ask me.

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