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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - The Swan Princess The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure

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The Swan Princess - The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure
Originally released 1994
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
73 minutes

Odette, The Swan Princess, is back on DVD with friends Puffin, Speed, and Jean-Bob, to save the kingdom from the evil Zelda in The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure (previously released in 1994 as The Mystery of the Enchanted Kingdom).  In this instalment of The Swan Princess, Prince Derek doesn’t want to get rid of magical papers that contain the Forbidden Arts. He believes that he can outsmart anyone trying to steal this powerful magic. As luck would have it, this is not true and he finds himself in a giant battle to save the princess and her friends.

The Swan Princess The Secret of the Castle

Prince Derek is stubborn and slightly arrogant, which makes for an easy plot line.  He also cares for Odette (but not quite enough to listen to her wise counsel), which makes him and easy target for Zelda. It was easy to talk to my kids about greed, and the desire to keep things that you shouldn’t, using this movie as a jumping point (I’m always looking for a lesson or a message in a movie).   

My kids liked this movie – but they didn’t love it.  I felt the same way.  There are some funny moments, and some fun songs, but the characters didn’t take hold of me, or stay with me.  The story is simple, and easy to follow, but it leaves you saying this all could have been avoided if only…  I guess that’s the point of the story – to make kids think a little harder about following the rules, and the possible consequences if they don’t.

This movie is a safe bet but not necessarily a sure fire hit.  The story is expected, and therefore not an attention grabber – you may find yourself (and your kids) ‘drifting’ in and out of this movie – but even if you don’t watch all of it, you will still be able to follow the story.  

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Carolyn Genge

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