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Horror - Misery Blu-ray and DVD

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Misery Blu-ray
James Caan, Kathy Bates
Directed by Rob Reiner
Based on the Stephen King novel
Originally released 1990
MGM Home Video 2009
107 minutes

I really wonder what the dirty birdy at MGM Home Video was thinking with the Misery Blu-ray. This psychological thriller looks great in Blu-ray but all the special features are on the DVD version of Misery that comes with it. I thought one of the advantages of the new format was to get the movie and the special features and more of them on one disc. Oh well.

Misery is the third best movie adaptation of a Stephen King novel, The Dead Zone with Christopher Walken being first and Dolores Claiborne with Kathy Bates second. Kathy Bates won an Academy Award for the role of Annie Wilkes. It is also Rob Reiner’s second turn in the director’s chair for a King adaptation, the first being the brilliant Stand By Me.

Writer Paul Sheldon (Caan) is on his from Colorado to his publisher with the last book in his Misery romance series. He crashes and gets rescued by Annie Wilkes, his number one fan. Annie is a hundred pages short of a book and loses what few chapters she had when she reads the manuscript for the last Misery novel. Annie forces Sheldon to do a rewrite and, once healthy enough, Sheldon decides to fight for his freedom.

Meanwhile, the local sheriff is trying to find out what happened to the famous writer.

As psychological thrillers go, Misery really works. Both Sheldon and Wilkes are solid characters and you really get into their heads. There are a couple of scenes that will make you cringe though. The final showdown really rocks.

Special features in the Misery Blu-ray set are on the DVD. They are commentary tracks by Rob Reiner and screenplay writer William Goldman; Misery Loves Company, a thirty minute feature on the movie with its stars; Marc Shaiman’s Musical Misery Tour; Diagnosing Annie Wilkes, Advice for the Stalked, Profile of a Stakler, Celebrity Stalkers, Anti-stalking Law, Original trailer, and the really cool Original Season’s Greetings trailer for the movie.

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