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Horror - Supernatural Blu-ray The Complete Season 4

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Supernatural Blu-ray Season 4
Jared Paladecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver
4 discs 22 episodes
Originally aired CW 2009-09
Warner Home Entertainment 2009

Supernatural is a demon lore show with lots of scary bits and thus benefits greatly from being released on Blu-ray. Described by its creator as modern gunslingers meet horror Supernatural The Complete Fourth Season Blu-ray features 22 episodes on 4 discs and special features like extended or unaired scenes and a few commentary tracks. If you are not familiar with this gothic sort of western, best bone up on your Supernatural mytharc as getting into the show dead cold is a killer.

Supernatural Clip 1   

Season 4 of Supernatural begins with a guy digging his way out of his grave. Turns out he is Dean, one of the two main characters in the show. Dean reconnects with Bobby, his mentor, and his brother Sammy who both try to kill him at first. The chase for evildoers is back on but the evildoers are as scared of the “bad mofo with the bad mojo” that released Dean from hell; a bad mofo Dean wants to meet and does.

Supernatural Clip 4

The rest of the Supernatural season is spent fighting demons and figuring out what Dean did in hell, why he was released or rescued from it, and what price that will entail. The brothers are also often at odds and sometimes it is over Ruby, a witch who may or may not be good for the brothers. If you are new to the show the first few shows are a bit tough as stuff happens to characters and you have no clue as to who they are and where they fit in the mytharc. You are also a bit lost as to what will kill the various levels of demons and so on.

Supernatural Clip 6

Episode 5, Movie Mayhem, is a favorite. The black and white show has the bothers going up against various monsters from old Warner Brothers creature features. Other movie references include It’s a Wonderful Life and Needful Things. Also neat is episode 18 where the boys learn they were novelized and their characters have a following.

If Supernatural works it is not because of the high testosterone low talent of co-star Jensen Ackles (Dean) or the ham-fisted writing. (though some of the dialogue is kind of neat: “They’re angels … they smite first and ask questions later.”

This is an original horror TV show that is fun to watch.

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