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Documentary - A Murder of Crows - CBC TV October 11th 2009 9:00

A Murder of Crows - CBC TV October 11th 2009 9:00
A Murder of Crows
Directed by Susan Fleming
The Nature of Things
CBC Oct. 11th 2009 9 P.M.

Filmmaker Susan Fleming has something to crow about with A Murder of Crows. Granted, I am a sucker for a good documentary but this one in particular, which airs on CBC’s The Nature of Things Sunday October 11th 2009 at 9 P.M.  is everything an excellent documentary should be: informative but not dry, well-made, interesting, and a little magic. I must also mention I was really blown away by beyond way cool graphics for A Murder of Crows’ title sequence.

You are certainly going to learn a lot about crows in this documentary. It would be a tad wee bit easier to do so if the background creepy noise-music-sound effect-whatever was not so intrusive and pointless.

If humans dislike crows so much, says a McGill researcher, it is because they have qualities we ourselves have but do not like such as scavenging. Crows, it is being discovered, are much more intelligent than previously thought. The first segment of the documentary shows how crows are able to recognize the face of someone who once captured them and perhaps even transmit that knowledge to the next generation.

Other revelations are that some species of crows not only use tools to get food but can also build the necessary tool. The next tool experiment, a world premiere, just has to blow you away.

Things just get more fascinating from there on as the complexity of this bird’s brain is demonstrated. Telling you what else is revealed in this documentary would take away all the shock and awe.

I am not going to be surprised if A Murder of Crows wins a whole bunch of awards; if they fix the crappy creepy noise-music problem. You can catch this excellent documentary as part of The Nature of Things with David Suzuki Sunday October 11th 2009 at 9 P.M. on the CBC

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