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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - The Swan Princess The Secret of the Castle

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The Swan Princess - The Secret of the Castle
Prince Derek, Princess Odette, Clavius
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
71 minutes

This family DVD and first of two sequels to The Swan Princess (with the second being Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure).  In this movie, Prince Derek and Odette have been married for a year, and are still working out the kinks in their marriage (Derek often ignores Odette for princely duties).  After a few failed attempts by Clavius, an evil wizard, to kill the prince, Prince Derek’s mother is kidnapped to be used as bait to lure the prince away from the castle.  Clavius wants to get rid of Derek so he can get the magical orb, which will give him the power to create, change, and destroy.  Odette discovers this, puts aside her feelings of neglect and changes back into a swan so she can both help and save Derek and his mother.

The Swan Princess Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure

The Swan Princess The Secret of the Castle is a nice e little DVD. I much preferred it to the second one.  Although the story is a little slow at times, there are some funny moments that made my kids laugh. There was, however, one scene that I found a little bothersome (a fight between Derek and Clavius’ evil henchman).  The secondary characters (Puffin, Speed and Jean-Bob) add a lot of comic relief to this story.  The story is logical, and we are given all the information for this to be a stand-alone movie.  There are a few songs in this movie; my kids preferred the ‘rock’ song sung by the bad guy, which explains the powers he has gained by getting the orb.  

My kids liked the movie, especially the end, where Derek shows that he has learned a lesson about neglecting the people he loves.  I would give this Swan Princess DVD a ‘pass’ a nice gift for a young girl, or a young family.

Carolyn Genge

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