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Mainstream - Playmobil The Secret of Pirate Island

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Playmobil - The Secret of Pirate Island
Jack Playmobil, Amelia Playmobil, Captain Gruff Playmobil
Sony Pictures Home Video
50 or more minutes

The Secret of Pirate Island is a Playmobil family DVD where Jack and Amelia Playmobil have an adventure. Sections of this adventure are controlled by your child through the menu options. This is a neat feature to this kid’s DVD as it allows repeated but somewhat different viewings of the same movie if a parent is there to help. You can also select Captain Gruff’s Favorite Movie and get the option free 50-minute version of The Secret of Pirate Island.

The story of this Playmobil DVD is Jack and Amelia Playmobil visit their grandparents, go up the attic, and end up in a different world and on a pirate ship. The pirates are your basic aargh matey blow me down type and quite harmless.

Some scenes end by giving kids a choice between 2 or 3 options. The option selection lasts only 10 seconds and is counterintuitive. The option you do NOT highlight is the one you are selecting. This is bound to annoy a couple of tykes at first. The answer options at the end of the DVD are also really not obvious and require a parent to figure out the meaning of the icon.

Each option is different though. In the first Jack and Amelia Playmobil have a choice between going outside or up in the attic. Choose outside and they have a bit of an adventure before you get to choose attic or outside again. Choose attic and this kids DVD continues the Secret of Pirate story. The second time you get to choose is between a rowboat and a barrel. Both get you on the pirate ship after a short scene.

There’s even a singalong or two halfway through. It would have been nice if the lyrics were shown on the screen but that can be fixed by a parent by turning on the subtitles.

I am no parent but I found Playmobil The Secret of Pirate Island quite fun. The characters are easy to understand, the story is not violent, the colors are bright and lively, and the movie itself is fun to watch.

Parental supervision is needed if you are going to watch this family DVD with the options on. Otherwise, choose Captain Gruff’s Favorite Movie.

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