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Action - Superman Batman Public Enemies Blu-ray

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Superman Batman Public Enemies Blu-ray
Superman, Batman, Lex Luthor
Captain Atom, Power Girl, Major Force
Directed by Sam Liu
Warner Home Entertainment 2009
67 minutes + 3 Hours extra features

Superman Batman Public Enemies Blu-ray is an action packed cartoon that will certainly entertain DC Comics and superhero fans. The animation looks great in high definition but it is basically TV and not movie quality. This story is all action, very little plot. The real reason to get Superman Batman Public Enemies is the more than 3 hours worth of special features that will satisfy most fans of the genre.

The economy is down, people are unemployed, and this means Lex Luthor gets elected President of the United States. Luthor then hires B-list and D-list (Power Girl? Granted, she is … well equipped) superheroes to work for him and defend the country. Some superheroes like Superman and Batman do not believe Luthor is sincere. He is after all a neocon and you know how evil they are.

Stuff happens involving Metallo, a Terminator knock-off, and Superman becomes public enemy number one. With a billion dollar bounty on his head, Superman not only has to prove his innocence but fight a whole bunch of villains with a great get rich quick plan. Batman tries to help his friend so he too has to fight a bunch of villains, many new to me.

Most of Superman Batman Public Enemies Blu-ray is the action heroes fighting various villains while waiting for a kryptonite asteroid to hit earth. They also have to fight some of the superheroes who are trying to arrest them.

The special features menu is a bitch to read, even on a 46” TV. Considering some of the features are already highlighted in yellow, navigating is also a nightmare.

Special features on Superman Batman Public Enemies Blu-ray include a digital download code; A Test of Two Minds Superman and Batman; Dinner with DC Universe  and special guest Kevin Conroy; Sneak peak at Justice League Crisis on Two Earths; Behind the scenes of Blackest Night; Bruce Timm Presents 6 Bonus Cartoons; and something called “Explore 4 other DC Universe Animated Stories” aka previews.

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