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Documentary - Yellowstone Blu-ray

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BBC Earth Blu-ray - Yellowstone Battle For Life
Winter, Summer, Autumn
BBC and Warner Home Video 2009

Yellowstone Battle For Life is a BBC Earth Blu-ray documentary that presents three periods in the United States’ first and most famous national park. Three one-hour segments present life in Yellowstone in winter, summer, and autumn. Visually, these three documentaries are interesting. Unfortunately Peter Firth’s monotone and sometimes repetitive narration fails to give much life to the Yellowstone segments.

Yellowstone clip 1     clip 2    clip 3    clip 4    clip 5    clip 6   clip 7

The first segment on Yellowstone Battle For Life focuses on the park in winter and its geological history. Story wise, animals get weaker as winter takes hold and wolves and coyotes take advantage of this to hunt. There is little here any fan of nature documentary film has not already seen but it is a good segment.

Yellowstone  clip 8   clip 9   clip 10   clip 11   clip 12   clip 13

Summer is your basic life returns, animals have babies and must defend them from predators but life is not always easy nature documentary. Again, it is gorgeous, especially if you get Yellowstone Battle For Life on Blu-ray but nothing especially different. Again, the narration drones on, failing to really lift this segment above your standard nature documentary stuff.

You would expect Autumn to be the most spectacular of the three Yellowstone documentary segments on this Blu-ray disc. Autumn is where the narration is obviously most repetitive: summer has been good but winter is coming and it is time to mate and it is time to mate because summer has been good but winter is coming.

Yellowstone Autumn suffers from too many aerial shots. You would also expect a decent display of colors but the producers really fail at this.

Just because it is a Blu-ray documentary, Yellowstone Battle For Life looks good but it lacks enough life to make it worthwhile.

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