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Horror - The Craft Blu-ray

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The Craft
Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk, Rachel True
Directed by Andrew Fleming
Widescreen 1:85:1
Originally released 1986
Warner Home Entertainment 2009

The Craft looks especially crisp on Blu-ray. This 1986 chick horror flick takes a while to get going but once it gets going it really pulls out all the stops. The Craft is basically a outcast girls get their revenge on all the students who made their life miserable. This is a very original witch movie with quite a few interesting twists and turns.

The Craft starts innocently enough. Sarah Bailey (Robin Tunney) is new to St. Benedict. She meets three other outcasts Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle. The three girls already dabble in the occult but Sarah is the fourth member they have been looking for to complete the circle. Their first attempt at witchcraft makes each of their wishes come true; some are harmless or personal, others are more wicked. Especially wicked is Nancy (Fairuza Balk).

The wheels start to come off when the prophecy that whatever they wish will come back threefold at them starts coming true. You can pretty much guess there is going to be some kind of showdown between the basically good witch and the basically bad witch.

The showdown really kicks ass. Fairuza Balk (Nancy) chews up scenery and a few special effect guys and blows everybody else out of this horror movie. It is almost as if she was possessed.

The Craft is still a very good movie some 23 years later. An original story, solid acting, many original twists and original characters benefit greatly from being on Blu-ray. Special features are not particularly generous and limited to the usual boring director’s commentary, a making of, and the original trailer so there you go.

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