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Horror - Karloff & Lugosi Horror Collection - Zombies on Broadway

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Zombies on Broadway
Karloff & Lugosi Horror Classics
Wally Brown, Allan Carney, Bela Lugosi
Directed by Gordon Douglas
RKO 1945 Fullscreen
Warner Home Entertainment 2009
69 minutes

Zombies on Broadway is one of 4 RKO movies in the Karloff & Lugosi 2 DVD Horror Classics collection. The other B-Movies in this set are The Walking Dead, Frankenstein 1970, and You’ll Find Out. None of these titles is really a classic but if you are a fan of Karloff or Lugosi you might enjoy this DVD set.

Zombies on Broadway is basically an Abbott and Costello horror comedy without Abbott and Costello. Wally Brown and Allan Carney play two pals, one fat and one skinny, who work for a mob guy opening a new club. They are in charge of the PR and part of that PR involves having a real life zombie present at the opening.  Stuff happens and the two pals end up on a Caribbean island where a mad scientist, Bela Lugosi, is trying to create his own zombies. They also meet a dame.

More stuff happens and various characters are turned into zombies for a while or not.

This is a decent B-movie horror comedy. As part of a 4 movie 2 DVD Lugosi Karloff set it should please fans of the two icons of horror. If not, this collection is a curiosity at best.

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