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Horror - Karloff & Lugosi Horror Collection - You'll Find Out

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Karloff & Lugosi Horror Classics
You?ll Find Out
Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre
Directed by David Butler
RKO 1940
Warner Brothers 2009
97 minutes

You’ll Find out, RKO 1940, is one of four B horror movies on the Karloff and Lugosi 2 DVD Horror Classics set. This movie also includes Peter Lorre as another one of the villains. Other films here are Zombies on Broadway, The Walking Dead, and Frankenstein 1970. If you are a B-movie horror or horror/comedy fan this DVD should entertain.

You’ll Find Out is built around bandleader Kay Kyser and his Kolledge of Musical Knowledge. Kay’s manager is in love with Janis Bellacrest, a young heiress. Kyser and his band are hired to play at Bellacrest Mansion for Janis’ 21st birthday. Unfortunately, someone is trying to make sure Janis does not see her 21st birthday.

Bellacrest Mansion is horror movie creepy and full of secret passages and weird memorabilia. This is also where Prince Saliano (Lugosi), a friend of Janis’ aunt, is holding séances. Kyser and his manager do not believe in this hokum and after a few adventures and compulsory musical numbers they unmask the frauds and save the da.

You’ll Find Out is a somewhat fun horror movie with a bit of a comic twist that does not really work. It takes too long to get started, the musical numbers are uninteresting and in the way. A pre Maltese Falcon Lorre is all over the place, Lugosi is Lugosi, and Karloff is hard to recognize as a Judge who is a friend of the family.

The Karloff & Lugosi Horror Classics 2 DVD set is a curiosity really. If you are into the RKO catalogue and B-movie horror, you should enjoy it though.

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