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Mainstream - Peanut 1970s Collection Volume 1 2 DVD Set

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Peanuts 1970's Collection Volume 1
Charlie Brown, Lucy Van Pelt, Linus Van Pelt
Snoopy, Schroeder, Sally Brown
Created by Charles M. Schultz
6 remastered shows 2 DVD
Warner Home Entertainment 2009

Peanuts 1970’s Collection Volume 1 is a 6 show 2 DVD set. None of the great Charlie Brown specials are here. Instead, you get Play It Again, Charlie Brown, You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown, There’s No Time For Love, Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, It’s a Mystery Charlie Brown, and It’s The The Easter Beagle Charlie Brown. Also included is a featurette on creating Woodstock, Snoopy’s sidekick.

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These particular Peanuts cartoons may not be classics like the first Christmas special or It’s The Great Pumpkin but they are really fun to watch with the family.

Play It Again, Charlie Brown is a series of vignettes where Lucy is trying to get Schroeder’s attention. Lucy: “How come you don’t send me flowers?” Shroeder: “Because I don’t link you. Lucy: “The flowers would no care.”

You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown is a take on the electoral process with Lucy playing the Karl Rove role. It is a fun enough show and, again, much can be learned during family viewing. It is also a pretty sharp comment on American politics if you extrapolate a bit.

There’s No Time For Love, Charlie Brown (DVD 1 of Peanuts 1970s Collection Volume 1) is a series of short classroom based gags and bits. Anybody who has suffered through algebra will sympathize with the Peanuts gang. Linus has the most intelligent response I have heard to date on why we go to school.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving begins with Lucy holding the ball for Charlie Brown. That turns out to be the highlight of his day when things go haywire and everybody shows up for Thanksgiving dinner at the Brown residence. This cartoon won an Emmy award.

DVD 2 of Peanuts 1970s Collection features  It’s a Mystery Charlie Brown for the first time on DVD and It’s the Easter Beagle. Easter Beagle has Linus trying to convince everybody of the existence of a beagle that gives out colored eggs. The highlight here is the scene where Peppermint Patty tries to teach Marcie how to color Easter Eggs.

It’s a Mystery Charlie Brown is not particularly good but the bits involving Woodstock and Snoopy make the cartoon more interesting.

This is a fun family DVD.

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