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Mainstream - The Shield The Complete Series 28 DVD 88 Episodes

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The Shield The Complete Series Collection
Michael Chicklis, Catherine Dent, CCH Pounder
Originaly aired FX 2002-2008
28 DVD 88 Episodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

Somebody at Sony really put a lot of effort in the design for the box set for The Shield The Complete Series. If you are going to ask people for some pretty serious bucks for a DVD set it should look like it is worth pretty serious bucks. The 28 DVD 88 Episode The Shield The Complete Series set looks like an overgrown cop’s notebook or a mug book. Each page holds 2 DVD and is illustrated with pictures from this well-liked and original cop TV show.

Starring Michael Chicklis as Detective and Strike Force leader Vic Mackey, The Shield tells the story of the detectives of the Farmington district squad in L.A. Though Mackey is the main character in the series, The Shield also tells the stories of other detectives in the squad, giving the show a variety of stories and characters.

The Shield was grittier than most cop TV shows and also since it aired on cable.

Mackey is a dark, complex character. He keeps the streets safe but on his own terms and this means breaking the law and even murder. He is respected, feared, or both by the other cops in Farmington. He is in some ways counterbalanced by Detective Claudette Wynns (CCH Pounder giving a great performance) a no-nonsense but honest cop.

The Shield worked because of solid, original characters and especially good writing that made this crime TV show stand out from the rest. The Complete Series includes all 7 seasons so you also get to see the seasons where Glenn Close, Forrest Whitaker joined the show for a while.

As the show was a serial, it is best to watch the 28 DVD 7 seasons in order so as not to miss the evolution of the many characters on The Shield.

The Shield The Complete Series DVD set features 63 hours of special features though a lot of that is audio commentary and deleted scenes. The Collection also includes a 29th disc with 2 featurettes not available in single season sets.

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