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Mainstream - I Love You Beth Cooper

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I Love You Beth Cooper
Hayden Pannetiere, Paul Rust, Jack Carpenter
Directed by Chris Columbus
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
102 minutes

You just have to wonder how good I Love You Beth Cooper would have been if director Chris Columbus had not decided to make your usual teen comedy. The point of the movie and its ending are quite original and interesting but the scenes that get you there are nothing you have not already seen in another dozen or so teen flicks. That, and the fact most of the actors in I Love You Beth Cooper come across as young adult actors trying to play a teenager, make this DVD a second choice at best on movie night.

Paul Rust plays class valecditorian Dennis Cooverman. He chooses his address to tell Beth Cooper, the girl he has been sitting behind since grade 7 that he is in love with her. He also outs his best friend, and tells two or three other students what he thinks of them but all that is quickly forgotten.

This premise could have made for an original teen comedy. Unfortunately, the movie saddles Beth Cooper with a violent and macho ROTC boyfriend. This means Dennis, his best friend, Beth Cooper, and her gal pals spend a lot of the movie being chased and confronted by the boyfriend.

There are a couple of originally funny scenes in I Love You Beth Cooper and there are a few interesting moments here but you get the feeling this could have been a much better movie if the producers and director had not decided to go for the teen movie dollar and instead gone for the I Love You Beth Cooper’s real audience, grown ups who graduated a while back.

This teen movie is a decent second rental but not much more than that.

Special features include deleted scenes, an alternate ending, and the other usual suspects

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