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Mainstream - The Shield - Season One - The Complete Series Set

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The Shield Season One
The Complete Series Collection
Michael Chicklis, Catherine Dent, CCH Pounder
Originaly aired FX 2002-2008
28 DVD 88 Episodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

The Shield is an excellent cop TV drama about an L.A. district special detective unit called Strike Force. This cable network show is grittier than your usual network TV fare with more adult content and situations. Season One of The Shield is excellent and will certainly make you want to watch the rest of the series.

Michael Chicklis is Detective Vic Mackey, the guy who runs Strike Force. His idea of keeping violence off the streets is to tip the balance towards one particular gang as long as there is something in it for him and his guys too. There is much, much more to Mackey than that and Chicklis is great at portraying the character’s many facets and talents In Season One, Mackey is in conflict with Captain Aceveda who knows Mackey is rogue and would love nothing more than to prove it.

The Shield also tells the more traditional crime solving stories of the rest of the detectives and cops in the Farmington district office. Some or more or less aware of what Mackey is up to but the blue code makes it they are also not particularly interested in finding out too much. CCH Pounder plays the veteran detective who is some ways is the counterbalance to Mackey.

In The Shield Season One the doings and dark side of Mackey’s Strike Force are established. The conflicts with Aceveda and a detective named Dutch, the personal problems of the rookie cop partnered with Mackey’s mistress, and Mackey’s problems at home are explored. Other secondary stories include a serial killer Dutch is after and a cop seeing something he should not have.

This is a complex show with complex characters in an ongoing story. You have to commit to The Shield to really enjoy it but that is easy to do.

The Shield The Complete Series Collection features all 7 seasons of the series on 28 DVD. There are some 63 hours of special features, mostly commentary tracks and deleted scenes. Packaging wise, the show comes in a giant cop note book. A bonus disc includes a couple of other minor special features.

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