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Mainstream - Bones Season 4 Blu-ray

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Bones Season 4
Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin
25 episodes 6 DVD or 5 Blu-ray
Fox Home Entertainment 2009

Bones is a very original and quirky crime TV show. Based on the Kathy Reichs novels, the writing is notches above most and sometimes quite darkly funny. It is especially fun to watch because of the relationship between FBI agent Booth and coroner Temperance Brennan. Emily Deschanel makes Bones Brennan an interesting character, far more interesting in fact than she is in the mystery novels where her main skill for a while was being knocked on the head by the bad guy. There is no difference between Season Four of Bones Blu-ray or DVD aside from the picture being a bit better.

Temperance “Bones” Brennan is a bit of a misfit who lacks a few social skills. The same could be said about her lab team. Season 4 of the series adds a series of trainee pathologists aka squints to add a bit more nerd and water cooler talk factor to the show.

Not that Bones needed much help in the nerd domain. Pretty much every character on the show is highly intelligent and interestingly dysfunctional in some way. This is especially true of the squints aka the new lab assistants

Season 4 of Bones opens with a two-part episode in London where Brennan and Booth meet a Scotland Yard cop and a forensics expert who are pretty much their counterpart. In respect to the show’s ongoing use of rock references, the victim is named Frampton and one of the suspects is Bonham.

Other episodes feature a body in an outhouse, one down an elevator shaft, one in the beach, one in a crushed car (and that is imaginative!), to name a few. I especially like the scenes where psychologist Sweets is telling Brennan or Booth what to ask questions wise, sometimes with comic results.

Personal favorites include the case of the murder on the plane (disc 2) and the conjoined twins where Booth and Bones join the circus (also on disc 2).

The show also gets really, really strange when near the end of the season Bones asks Booth for a donation, making for a very interesting episode that guest stars Stewie from Family Guy as Booth’s conscience.

Special features on Bones Blu-ray Season 4 Body Bag Edition are a featurette on the squints, deleted scenes, and Androgyny: Playing Haru Tanaka.

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