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Horror - True Blood Blu-ray Season One

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True Blood Blu-Ray - The Complete First Season
Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley
12 Episodes 5 Discs
Originally aired HBO 2008
Warner Home Entertainment 2009

It is no surprise True Blood has been such a hit. This HBO show is basically gothic chick flick meets bodice ripper. Set in Bon Temps, Louisiana, this gothic series is set at a time when vampires have made themselves known to the general population. The show features lots of redneck situations, murders, sex, and dark comedy that works. True Blood The Complete First Season features 12 shows on 5 Blu-ray discs.

Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a barmaid who can read people’s thoughts, falls in love with vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer). Sookie’s family and friends make up the most important secondary characters. In the first season, vampires are still not fully accepted, some of the women who have banged Jason Stackhouse, Sookie’s brother, end up dead, and other characters such as bar owner Sam Merlotte and Sookie’s best friend Tara are shown to have secrets of their own.

Most of this show is quite good and … bloody … addictive. It does stretch things out a bit plot wise and some scenes, such as Bill and Sookie’s first meeting with vampire leader Eric are really badly acted.

Episodes of note in True Blood Season One include episode 5 where you learn how Bill became a vampire (Blu-ray disc 3) and 7 where the Bon Temps people really get annoyed with the vampires. Other shows include exorcisms, demons, and shape shifting.

The show certainly builds up a head of steam in the final episodes of the first season.

This is an HBO cable show so it is more explicit that what you get on network TV. True Blood has just ended its second season on the cable network and a third is scheduled for fall 2010

Special features on The Complete First Season True Blue Blu-ray include  a commentary track for 6 episodes, enhanced viewing which is animated maps, pop ups of hints and FYIs, vampire blood commercials, and so on. It would have been nice to list which special features are on which disc.

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