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Action - Rocky - The Undisputed Collection Blu-ray

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Rocky - The Undisputed Collection Blu-ray
Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire
7 Blu-ray discs 6 movies
MGM Home Entertainment 2009

Rocky is one of the greatest movies ever made. Fans of the franchise will be pleased to learn all of the Rocky movies are available on Blu-ray if you buy the Rocky Undisputed Collection Blu-ray set. Do not throw away the DVD version as the discs in this Blu-ray set do not have the special features and commentary tracks the DVD version has. Rocky The Undisputed Collection comes with a bonus disc which includes some of the special features on the various DVD versions but not everything.

A case in point is the first Rocky in The Undisputed Collection.  The picture looks somewhat crisper on Blu-ray with a 1:85:1 presentation (the one without the black bars). My DVD has the 2:35 version and the picture does look squished. The DVD version features a 28-minute video commentary track with Sylvester Stallone, an audio commentary track with the director and others, and a behind the scenes with director John Avidsen, a tribute to Burgess Meredith, a tribute to James Crabe. None of that is on the Blu-ray.

Rocky (1976) still works more than thirty years later. Even if you know the ending and even if you have seen the movie countless times, Stallone, who wrote the movie and insisted on playing the title role, makes you care about this ordinary guy who suddenly gets a shot at the title. In part, this is because Rocky is more than just a never-was boxer; he is a real man with real feelings and a soul.

In fact all of the characters in this movie are fleshed out and believable and this is one of the many reasons the movie works.

Even if you know how the movie ends, the title match between Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) and the Italian Stalion keeps you on the edge of your seat and cheering for the underdog.

It is notable that Stallone was only the third person to be nominated for an Academy Award for both writing and lead actor. The other two were Chaplin and Welles.

The Rocky Anthology bonus disc includes: Feeling Strong Now! Game; Rocky Featurettes: Three Rounds with Legendary Trainer Lou Duva -  Interview with a Legend - Bert Sugar: Author/Commentator and Historian; The Opponents; In the Ring: Three-Part Making-Of Documentary;  Steadicam: Then and Now with Garrett Brown; Make Up! The Art and Form with Michael Westmore; Staccato: A Composer’s Notebook with Bill Conti; The Ring of Truth; Behind the Scenes with John Avildsen; Tribute to Burgess Meredith; Tribute to James Crabe; Video Commentary with Sylvester Stallone; Sylvester Stallone on Dinah! (1976); Stallone Meets Rocky; Rocky Anthology Trailers: Rocky Theatrical Trailer, Rocky Teaser Trailer, Rocky II Theatrical Trailer, Rocky III Theatrical Trailer, Rocky IV Theatrical Trailer, Rocky V Theatrical Trailer, Rocky Balboa Theatrical Trailer; Rocky TV Spots: Introducing Sylvester Stallone Critical Acclaim #1 Critical Acclaim #2

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