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Mainstream - Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs Blu-ray

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Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs Blu-Ray
Manny, Ellie, Eddie
Diego, Crash and Eddie, Buck
Directed by Carlos Saldanha and Mike Thurmeier
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
94 minutes

Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs will entertain most of the kids. The younger ones might be scared by the dinosaur that shows up and is the villain in this piece. There are also a few scenes that are nightmarish so parental supervision is advised, especially if your younger ones are sensitive. For parents, the Ice Age 3 Blu-ray is not a bad experience but this third movie in the series is certainly not as interesting as the first two. Special features on Dawn of the Dinosaurs include two Scrat shorts that have already been released or seen.

Ice Age 3 Blu-ray is available with a digital copy and a DVD version. I always think that is neat, especially for a kids’ movie.  The theme is family In this third installment of this animated movie franchise. Manny and Ellie are expecting and this bothers Sid who feels left out. Sid finds some eggs and when they hatch, the chicks bond to him. These, however are dinosaur eggs and Momma dinosaur is not real thrilled with the kids’ father figure but brings him along to dinosaur land.

The real star of Ice Age, Scrat shows up from time to time to give some comic relief to an otherwise rather plain and very episodic story. This time around, Scrat meets a girl sabertooth squirrel and this adds to the fun.

Because Sid is part of the family, the gang goes to his rescue. This means crossing a dangerous passage where they meet Buck (wonderfully voiced by Simon Pegg). A whole bunch of stuff happens to test the bonds of friendship and family but this is a kids’ movie so you know how it ends.

The animation in Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs is uneven. Some is quite spectacular but most of the time it is quite mundane and the money is not on the screen, something more obvious in Blu-ray.

Like 99.9% of commentary tracks, the one here is extremely pointless. If they handed out Razzies in this category, Ice Age 3 would be a hands down winner.

Ice Age 3 Three-Disc Blu-Ray Disc/DVD Combo Pack Special Features: Disc One: Blu-ray Disc Feature Film; Ice Age Story Maker; Filmmaker Commentary; Evolution Expedition; Buck…Easel to Weasel; Falling for Scratte; Unearthing the Lost World; Two Unfinished Deleted Scenes; Walk The Dinosaur Music Video; Two Scrat Shorts -- Gone Nutty – Scrat’s Missing Adventure and No Time For Nuts; The Sabre-Toothed Squirrel: Natures Nutty Buddy; Scrat: From Head To Toe – learn how to draw Scrat tutorial; Scrat: “Breaking Story”; Scrat: “News Report”; Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character with John Leguizamo; Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character with Ray Romano,  In Character with Queen Latifah, Making A Scene, Making A Scene (Ice Age 2)

Disc Two: Digital Copy

Disc Three: Standard DVD Feature Film

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