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Mainstream - Dawson's Creek The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Dawson's Creek The Complete Series
6 Seasons 127 Episodes
24 DVD plus bonus CD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

I was very excited when I got the new Dawson’s Creek The Complete Collection DVD box set. As a fan, I wanted the box set to be everything that a fan wants; lots of pictures, scoops about the series and delicious bonus features. This Dawson’s Creek DVD collection features all 6 seasons and 127 episodes on 24 DVD, including a bonus features disc, and a bonus CD

When I first opened the Dawson’s Creek The Complete Collection DVD box, it was as if I was opening a big storybook or a photo album. The box set in itself is not too big and very nicely presented. The DVDs are stored in between the pages so it allows them to feature something other than the discs, like pictures, stories and an episode guide. Every important character has a page with his or her storyline and some details about the actor but the storylines are too summarized and it makes the series look like a cheap soap opera with too much drama. It looks a bit like they wanted to fill the pages with information but they didn’t really know what to put there. One funny thing: be sure to check out Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen’s recipes at the end (apart from the fact that Pacey was a cook for the last 2 seasons, I didn’t really understand the link to the series).

When you finally get the complete DVD box set of your favourite show, you usually want lots of bonus features. I was a little disappointed with Dawson’s Creek The Complete Collection. There is one DVD with special features and they are not so great. You get an alternate ending and deleted scenes from the pilot, an interview with the creator Kevin Williamson and a trivia game. One good thing is that the quiz was made for real fans so it is quite difficult and also very fun.

This Dawson’s Creek collection also includes a soundtrack. I was very excited to get a CD with the series because part of the success of Dawson’s Creek at the time was its good music. If you are a fan, you probably already have the two official soundtracks, released a few years ago, while the show was still on TV. The soundtracks were really good but they did not cover the music until season 6 (I think the second soundtrack was released after season 4). When the show ended, I think they wanted to make a third soundtrack but it never happened so I thought they would do one special CD for the box set, but no. The soundtrack that they give with the complete series only features 5 songs that already were on the official soundtracks. So, nothing new there.

One important point: when the individual seasons got released a few years ago, some of the songs were changed because of copyrights (starting in season 3). It would have been nice to get the original music back with this new DVD box set but the changes are still there.  

I get the feeling that the DVD box set was just thrown together very quickly with no effort, just in time for the holidays. I think that the Dawson’s Creek complete series is a good buy if you don’t already have the individual seasons at home. It can also be a great gift if you liked the series at the time (when you were a teenager) and you now want to watch it again (as an adult).  

I have to admit that, although I was expecting something more from the DVD box set, I am very happy to have it and I still love this series.

Emilie Bernier

Dawson's Creek The Complete Series - Season 1

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