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Mainstream - Ally McBeal - The Complete First Season

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Ally Mc Beal The Complete First Season
Calista Flockhart, Gil Bellows, Peter MacNicol
23 Episodes 6 DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2009

Ally McBeal was an extremely popular dramady in the late nineties. This TV series ran for five years and was water cooler talk for a while. Created by David E Kelly, the show introduced fantasy, surrealism, and wicked comedy into prime time drama in a way that has yet to be matched.  Ally McBeal The Complete First Season features 23 episodes on 6 DVD. Fans of the series will want to get The Complete Series 32 DVD set which includes but a few special features. The show features the original music.

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Ally McBeal is a young lawyer who ends up working at a law firm where her now married ex-boyfriend works. The people at Cage & Fish and the clients are just as wacky as the main character and this only makes her nuttier. It is a charming nutty however and the series walks very fine lines between drama, dark humor, and flat out comedy.

Your basic Ally McBeal episode features the Calista Flockhart getting into some tricky situation with a client, her latest beau, or someone at work. The situation gets resolved. What makes the show is the characters and how the events are presented. For example, in Season 1 episode 8 (DVD 2 of Ally McBeal the Complete First Season) Cage’s encounter with Georgia’s employer is preceded by his pre-game ritual presented to the tune of the fight music in Rocky.

This show really was a breath of fresh air.

However, this really is chick TV so it is harder for a guy to really like the show even if the men in Ally McBeal are not all losers like on most shows aimed at a female audience.

If your girl friend was 18 or more in the late nineties, AllyMcBeal Season 1 would probably make a good gift idea.

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