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Mainstream - A Miser Brothers' Christmas

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A Miser Brothers? Christmas
Santa Claus, Snow Miser, Heat Miser
Warner Home Entertainment 2009
45 minutes

The Miser Brothers, stars of The Year Without a Santa Claus stop-motion animation Christmas TV classic, are back 34 years later in A Miser Brothers’ Christmas DVD. This is a fun family DVD with a good message and decent songs. Visually, A Miser Brothers’ Christmas is quite interesting and the story will probably hold a kid’s and an adult’s attention even if there is one musical number too many.

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Blowhard North Wind wants to take over Christmas and get all the attention Santa Claus gets. He arranges for Santa to have an “accident” when he tests a new sled. The Miser Brothers get blamed for the accident. Mother Nature forces ever squabbling Snow Miser and Heat Miser to patch up their differences, control their temper(atures), and save the day. That is unless North Wind can do something about it.

If the Miser brothers stole the show in the original Bass/Rankin The Year Without a Santa Claus, North Wind almost steals the show on this family DVD. He is everything an evil character should be but not evil enough to scare the little kid in the family. Of course, being the evil character, North Wind gets a cool musical number.

A Miser Brothers’ Christmas was originally broadcast on ABC. The DVD retains the fade to black cuts for commercials. This is not a problem at all, just something worth mentioning.

This is not a classic Christmas DVD but it is pretty decent.

The special feature is a look at the characters and the stop motion process. Interesting if you are an adult.

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