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Mainstream - Mask of Zorro Blu-ray

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The Mask of Zorro Blu-ray
Antonia Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anthony Hopkins
Directed by Martin Campbell
Widescreen 2:40:1
Tri-Star 2009
136 minutes

You forget how much fun some movies are until you see them again. This is the case for the first Antonio Banderas movie The Mask of Zorro Blu-ray. This is a fun blend of the spaghetti western, action movie, swashbuckling, and the great, classic Disney TV series with Guy Hamilton. Granted, the movie is a bit long at over 2 hours but the action and characters mostly make up for that. The Mask of Zorro Blu-ray comes in a 2:40:1 widescreen, the one with the black bars, and not particularly special features.

The Mask of Zorro Blu-ray is an improvement over the DVD version. This is not always the case, especially for fairly recent (1998) movies.

Hopkins plays Don Diego and the original Zorro. Stuff happens and many years later Hopkins trains the new Zorro (Antonio Banderas). The new Zorro falls in love with Elena Montero, the daughter of California’s former Spanish governor Montero who has returned to California with a get rich quick scheme. Don Diego and Montero are very old enemies. Zorro fights Montero to free the oppressed and Elena’s heart.

What really makes this movie is its sense of fun. Both Zorros have panache, especially when they are involved in a swordfight and there are many of those. There are also many quite comic scenes such as the confessional scene and the new Zorro getting his own ride, a horse that has as much personality as the hero himself.

Story wise, The Mask of Zorro has a bit too much for its own good and this explains why it is more than 2 hours long. Hopkins, Banderas, and Zeta-Jones are all excellent in this action movie and play strong characters. That too makes up for the movie’s length.

Special features on The Mask of Zorro Blu-ray include banal director’s commentary, a documentary on the story of Zorro, deleted scenes, preview and exclusive scene from The Legend of Zorro.

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