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Mainstream - Dawson's Creek The Complete Series - Season 1

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Dawson's Creek The Complete Series
6 Seasons 127 Episodes
24 DVD plus bonus CD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

Part of the fun of having the new Dawson’s Creek The Complete Collection DVD box set of your favorite TV show is to watch the very first season with different eyes. This is especially fun when it's a teen series about growing up, finding love and the true meaning of friendship.

The main character, Dawson Leery James Van Der Beek)  is a romantic 15 year old boy who is obsessed with movies. He thinks that all life's answers can be found in a Steven Spielberg movie. He is also in love with Joey Potter (Katie Homles), his best friend and soulmate. Joey Potter is an orphan and lives with her sister. Although she finds adolescence to be a very difficult time (she has a hard time dealing with her feminine side) and acts as a very tough person, she is also a very beautiful girl and the school's most intelligent student. Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson)  is Dawson's best friend and the school clown, but also has a very complicated relationship with his parents. Finally, Jen Lindley is the new girl in town. She is beautiful, successful and has the ability to get any man she wants but she is also very conflicted and has to go live with her very religious grandmother in Capeside, the little seaside community where the series is located. All of them are in their first year of high school.

Although Dawson and Joey are soulmates and best friends, their relationship becomes more complicated when Jen Lindley arrives in Capeside. Dawson falls in love with her and Joey is left all alone to deal with her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Pacey discovers that his new English teacher - Mrs Jacobs - is very attractive and falls in love with her. Their relationship develops into something more but she leaves town after a rumor starts the she is sleeping with a student.

Dawson finds out that Jen has had a very difficult past and doesn't know how to deal with it so he leaves her and has to face his feelings for his best friend Joey when Pacey asks him if he can ask Joey out. The season ends with a big cliffhanger; the much-anticipated kiss between Dawson and Joey.

Although most of the issues are a bit far-fetched (come on, how many of you were running free around town, had a dad in prison, slept with their high school English teacher, used pop culture references in every sentence, knew the thesaurus by heart and had to run away from hard drugs at 15??), they also represent the real feelings and questions of a teenager. That is probably why the series was so popular with its target audience. Each episode of Dawson's Creek season one revolves around a conflict between friends about growing up and the responsabilities that it brings.

If Dawson's Creek was part of your tween years and you wish to take a trip down memory lane, I highly recommend watching the first season of this series and Dawson’s Creek The Complete Series DVD set.

Emilie Bernier

Dawson's Creek The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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