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Mainstream - Shorts Blu-ray

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Shorts Blu-ray
Jimmy Bennett, Trevor Gagnon, Kat Dennings
Directed by Robert Rodriguez
Warner Home Entertainment 2009
89 minutes

I desperately wanted to be entertained this evening and even under these conditions Shorts failed miserably. I can’t imagine what this movie is like for its target kid - tween audience and I do not want to. Now available on Blu-ray and DVD, Shorts is a mess of a movie that doesn’t even pretend it is not a mess. Story segments are told so haphazardly you need a program.

At the center of this kids’ movie is a rainbow-colored wishing rock. Various characters get the rock and make various wishes. These come true and have supposedly comic consequences: a fortress, a crocodile and snake filled moat, and a giant, live booger. The story is told by Toe (Jimmy Bennett), your typical Hollywood movie kid. Toe’s parents work for the Black Box Corporation run by a bad man named Mr. Black and this has something to do with the story somewhere.

Toe tells the viewers a bit of story about the wishing rock and then goes back to the beginning or a previous event or something like that.

Shorts does have its moments, such as when Toe’s parents come together, but generally the gags pretty much fall flat.

Shorts Blu-ray comes with a DVD and digital copy disc. Special features are Ten Minute Film School Short Shorts, Ten Minute Cooking School Chocolate Chip Volcano Cookies, The Magic of Shorts, and Shorts Show and Tell.

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