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Foreign Film - Denmark - Flame and Citron

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Flame and Citron
Thure Lindhart, Mads Mikkelsen
Directed by Ole Christian Madsen
Danish with English subtits
Denmark 2008
136 minutes

Flame and Citron is an odd foreign film DVD. It tells an aspect the not often touched upon story of the Danish resistance during WW II. You know this is a well-made and well-acted movie yet it is hard to really get interested in the story or the characters. This is especially hard to understand as Flame and Citron is based on a true story. This foreign film has already been released on DVD and Blu-ray but will also be released by IFC (February 2010).

Flame and Citron are two hitmen for the Danish resistance. Flame, a redheaded man in his early twenties is a bit of an idealist. Citron, a sour-looking married man, is usually the driver. They follow the orders of Aksel who himself gets his orders from England. Flame and Citron only kill Danish collaborators and Nazi supporters as going after Germans has serious repercussions on the populace. Flame, however, would really like to kill the local Gestapo boss.

What is really missing in this foreign film is Germans and the feeling there is a war going on. Yes, there are guys in German uniforms here and there and in the background but life seems to be going on pretty much as normal.

There is also the problem the plot is complicated and somewhat vague thus a little hard to follow. 136 minutes is a long time to tell what should be a rather simple story with what could have been interesting characters and scenes. Hard to swallow though probably true is Flame is a redheaded guy in his early twenties who never covers up; the Germans are looking for a redheaded guy in his twenties but never seem to bother Flame when they see him around. There is a femme fatale but this only develops in the last third of the movie.

The acting here is superb, so is the filmmaking. It’s a shame this foreign film is not as good as that.

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