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Mainstream - Rescue Me Season 5 Volume 2

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Rescue Me Season 5 Volume 2
Denis Leary, Adam Ferrara, Andrea Roth
3 DVD 11 Episodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

If you are not already a fan of the Denis Leary drama Rescue Me, Rescue Me Season 5 Volume 2 is very hard to get into. This firefighter drama is a continuing story, a very complex continuing story, a soap-operatic story, and if you do not know dysfunctional who is dysfunctional who and did what to dysfunctional whom while sleeping with alcoholic who the 3 DVD 11 episode Rescue Med Season 5 Volume 2 is much more difficult to enjoy. Not that it is not worth the effort.

Rescue Me follows firefighter Tommy Gavin (Leary), the men of Ladder 62 aka 62 Truck, and the many Gavins past and present. Tommy Gavin brings dysfunctional to a whole new 3D level.

Watching Rescue Me Season 5 Volume 2 made me wish I had been a faithful fan of the show so I could understand the backstory necessary to really appreciate this DVD set.  

This is very much a firefighter soap opera with the complex, sometimes reality challenging storylines this brings but the show is certainly original, interesting and well-made. Especially fun in the second half of season 5 are the musical numbers involving comatose firefighter Sean Garrity (Steven Pasquale). The Vegetable number is right out of Month Python.

This TV drama is not for the faint of heart as some scenes are on the gruesome side (including Tommy Gavin burning himself so he can feel something). It also has a very dark sense of humor: 62 Truck brings an engine to the local hospital only to have it stolen by a kid with cancer.

Rescue Me - The Complete Third Season

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