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Action - The Marine 2

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The Marine 2
Ted DiBiase jr, Lara Cox, Michael Rooker
Directed by Noel Reine
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
95 minutes

Starring WWE’s Ted DiBiase Jr. as the main character Joe Linwood, The Marine 2 is similar to previous offerings produced by the WWE and Fox. It is meant as a decent action packed movie, starring a wrestler turned actor who has to save the damsel in distress, in true American film fashion. However, for a low budget film, it does deliver a decent plot which in turn justifies the gunfights, explosions and fistfights we can expect in action movies.

When I saw the title, I was expecting a war movie involving Marines. Well, we do get a bit of a debut scene where the Marine from the story is doing his job trying to stop weapons smugglers, but the rest of the story involves a group of Asian terrorists who storm the hotel resort where the main character and his wife are staying. In fact, his wife works public relations for the very rich owner of the place.

As the story unfolds, this Thai paradise of a hotel loses a lot of its charm when during the opening night party, it is raided by terrorists. The Marine manages to escape the initial attack, but his wife is among the people held hostage by the terrorists. Throughout the rest of the movie, his efforts go towards finding ways to get her out of there, in a plot that has some interesting, if not at times predictable, twists.

If you are into action movies that offer decent entertainment value and a story that is believable enough to justify the fireworks display, you just might like The Marine 2 DVD. It offers the usual featurettes, outtakes, and other bonus features, all that in a breathtaking Thai landscape that is a sight to behold.

Vincent Lemire

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