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Mainstream - Into the Storm - HBO

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Into the Storm
Brendan Gleeson, James D?Arcy, Janet McTeer
Directed by Thaddeus O'sullivan
Originally aired HBO 2009
HBO - Warner Home Entertainment 2009
100 minutes

Into the Storm is a brilliant biopic about Sir Winston Churchill during WW II. You really do not have to have seen the previous installment, The Gathering Storm, to enjoy this DVD. Everything and everyone is clearly presented. What is most interesting about Into the Storm is it is not an over the top heroic biopic. Instead, it tells the straightforward and reserved story of a straightforward and reserved man.

This biopic opens in Bordeaux in 1945 where the Churchills are waiting for the election results. Into the Storm then elegantly back and forth to 1940 and subsequent years back to Bordeaux.

Winston Churchill is portrayed here as an ordinary man who saw a chance to serve his country, seized it, and did the very best he could. His doggedness under trying circumstances serves to reflect that of the British people.

The savagery and human cost of war is hinted at here and there such as in the scene where a general arrives in Churchill’s office, “Almost got arrested by a copper for speeding. ‘You might kill someone, sir,’ he says. I replied I kill thousands every night.”

Into the Storm does not glorify Churchill. He is shown as a flawed human being who finds it hard to connect with those closest to him including his wife Clementine.

If you are looking for a war movie, Into the Storm is not the DVD you want. If on the other hand you are looking for a solid, well-made, and brilliantly acted biographical film, then this is certainly a keeper.

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