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Documentary - 100 Years of the Montreal Canadiens DVD set

100 Years of the Montreal Canadiens
4 DVD set
Warner Home Entertainment 2009

Once again, the Montreal organization has done things the Canadiens way, and that is great!  The 100 Years of the Montreal Canadiens DVD box set includes 4 DVDs that present different aspects of the club over their 100 years of existence.  The first disc focuses on the History of the club, the second on all 24 Stanley Cup Championships, the third on Dynasties and Rivalries, and finally, the last on the “immortals”, whose jerseys have been retired.

This Box set has it all, not only for a real Canadiens fan, but for anybody who wants to learn about this iconic team.  This is especially true for DVD 1 & 4.  Both are interesting because they trace the history of the club, and the players who made the organization what it is today.  DVD 2 & 3 are for the die hard fans who have always supported the team.  As a hockey/ Canadiens fan, the Stanley Cup Championships are a fantastic stroll down memory lane for those of us who remember what a championship team should be.  (Unfortunately, we realize that this year’s team has a long way to go before they become a part of this select group.)  The Dynasties and Rivalries also offer interesting material on their development and evolution over the years.  Who can forget the the 1970’s Habs edition or the rivalry between the Habs and Québec?

All four DVDs contain interviews and testimonies of the people who were there and lived the events (at least for the last 50 years, of course).  Aside from the players, coaches and managers, obviously, the interventions are also from historians specialized in hockey (I was very delighted to see one of them, Gerry Rochon, who is from my hometown), broadcasters (Dick Irvin, Richard Garneau) and sports commentators (Michael Farber), who explain and give their own impressions of the club, the players, and the events.  Also, true to the public and its supporters, the DVDs are both in French and English (something for the Vancouver Olympic committee to think about).  Each DVD has a setup option that allows to put on subtitles, when interventions are in a different language.

Definitely, this box set is worth more than its retail price.

Leafs suck!

Patrick Lacerte

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