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Science Fiction - Robert Heinlein - Friday

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Robert A. Heinlein
Read by: Samantha Eggar
Durkin Hayes Pub Ltd 1987 Audio Cassette

The fact that Friday is still in print is a testament to the writing skill of Robert A. Heinlein in so many of his other works. He was a consummate story teller but Friday falls short of the legend. This abridged audio book performed by Samantha Eggar is very true to the original story which starts slow and never really picks up steam.

If there is a saving grace in Friday it is that Eggar does a very good reading of the story interpreting characters and situations with clear and distinct personalities. There is nothing to fault with the reading, sound quality or direction in this 2 cassette recording of Friday. The fault lies with the story itself.

Friday should have been subtitled “Multiple sex partner adventures of an artificial person”. It takes talent on a whole different scale from the norm to make even soft core pornography boring but Heinlein manages to do it. What makes this even more embarrassing is the ham handed treatment of racism and bigotry which is rife through the book and is never well executed. Friday is Heinlein at his worst and not even Samantha Eggar can save him.

Denis Bernicky

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