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Mainstream - Family Guy Something Something Something Dark Side Blu-ray

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Family Guy - Something Something Something Dark Side
Stewie Griffin, Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Chris Griffin
Created by Seth MacFarlane
Fox Home Entertainment 2009
54 minutes Fullscreen

Family Guy Something Something Something Dark Side is the second Family Guy version of the Star Wars epic, this time The Empire Strikes Back. Stewie Griffin is back as Lord Vader. Chris is Luke Skywalker, oddly enough Princess Leia is played by Lois Griffin, while Peter is Hans Solo. Meg is again dismissed as a character though she gets a cameo.

If you are a Family Guy and a Star Wars franchise connaiseur, Something Something Something Dark Side is probably more enjoyable than I, who knows little about Star Wars, found it. Not that I did not like it. This is a fun episode but I am sure I missed quite a few jokes.

This installment is on par with your average TV episode. I did not find any particularly brilliant gags, references, or moments but did enjoy the experience as a whole. A personal fave in Family Guy Something so on was the nod to Wile E. Coyote.

As to why this is fullscreen, ask MacFarlane.

Special features on this Famly Guy Blu-ray include a digital copy, a commentary track with Seth MacFarlane, Seth Green, and the usual suspects where someone forgot to turn up the volume. There is also Family Guy Fact Ups which neat but you cannot switch from the Fact Up version to the standard version without restarting the entire episode. Other special features include Poster Art and Sneak Peak at Episode VI; Animatic scene-to-scene.

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