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Mainstream - Super Friends Season One Volume One

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Super Friends Season 1 Volume 1
Superman, Batman, Robin
Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Wendy, Marvin, Wonder Dog
8 Episodes 2 DVD
Originally aired ABC 1973
Warner Home Video 2010

Cartoons do not come any cheesier than 1973’s Super Friends. Super Friends Season One Volume One features 6 episodes on 2 DVD. The 44-minute long fullscreen cartoons aired 1973-74. Other versions aired later.  These Superfriends episodes are VHS quality and show their age with dust specs, scratches, color strobing and so on.

The animation for Superfriends is very low budget. Hanna Harbera was good at making limited animation where only the head or feet move in a given shot and backgrounds simply roll by (such as Fred Flintstone running past the same flower pot and window three times). All this is not enough to stop someone from enjoying Season One Volume One of the Super Friends DVD.

The basic plot is some evil or sort of evil scientist does multiple somethings that force each superhero to act individually before the Super Friends solve the mystery and catch the bad guy.

The storylines are generic and stretched to the limit. In The Power Pirate a human-looking alien is robbing power from various vehicles and facilities, forcing the Super Friends to act again and again. In episode 2 Professor Baffles is nice enough to announce his nefarious plans of stealing something unless he gets a ransom; of course the bad guy is not really a bad guy.

If you ask me, the Super Friends are the real villains in Professor Goodfellow’s GEEC. A super computer does everybody’s job, freeing mankind from work. One little glitch and the Super Friends convince the professor to take it off line. The Weathermaker, also on Super Friends DVD 1, is really thin on plot.

Dr. Pelagian’s War, The Shamon U, Too Hot to Handle, and The Androids are on DVD 2 of Super Friends Season 1 Volume 1. Pelagian is only evil because he wants to force multinationals to stop polluting the sea. Dr. Shamon mines space for gold with bad consequences. Too Hot to Handle is the old alien trying to save his planet by accidentally destroying earth. The last episode has two guys against the space program trying to sabotage it.

The narration is by Ted Knight aka Ted Baxter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Resemblances between Marvin and Wonder Dog and Shaggy and Scooby are purely coincidental.

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