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Mainstream - Big Fan - Patton Oswalt

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Big Fan
Patton Oswalt, Kevin Corrigan, Michael Rapaport, Jonathan Hamm
Directed by Robert D. Siegel
VSC 2010
86 minutes Widescreen

Big Fan is the best sports slash football movie DVD I have ever seen. It may be a small budget thing but this movie tells a great story, the writing is superb, and the acting, especially comic Patton Oswalt in the lead role, is pitch perfect. Then again, Big Fan is not really a sports movie, there is not a single football scene in it, but a movie about faith and the human condition. I know this sounds especially pompous but there you go.   Get this movie at Amazon

Comic Patton Oswalt plays Paul Aufiero. Paul is thirty something, still lives with his mother, works a crummy job, and his whole life is the New York Giants and QB Quantrell Bishop. He even goes to Giant Stadium on game day to watch the game on his portable TV. Paul meets Bishop in a strip club and want to meet him. Bishop’s response is to beat the living daylights out of him. Big Fan is about Paul’s reaction to this event.

What makes Big Fan is Patton Oswalt. He is superb as the die hard fan who refuses to see reality as it is. There is something pathetic about a guy who scripts his contribution to the sports talk show he always calls in to. His nemesis is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. This ends up playing an important part in the film.

This is a very original movie where everything works. Granted, a couple of the scenes are gratuitous and give this an R rating but what the hell. As for the ending, hold on to your season tickets!

Special Features on Big Fan include Q&A with Robert Siegel and Patton Oswalt; Kevin Corrigan recalling his experience; Siegel and Oswalt interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and a downloadable poster.

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