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Action - Cliffhanger Blu-ray

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Cliffhanger Blu-ray
Sylvester Stallone, Michael Rooker, John Lithgow
Directed by Renny Harlin
Originally released 1993
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2010
113 minutes

Cliffhanger is not really a cliffhanger. This 1993 Sylvester Stallone action movie looks quite good on Blu-ray and 2:40:1 widescreen (the one with the black bars). This is mostly because Cliffhanger takes place on mountaintops in winter and they really pop on Blu-ray. Unfortunately, the movie itself is not as good as it looks though it is decent enough if you can get it at a low sale price.

Mountain climbers and rescuers Gabe and Hal (Stallone and Rooker) find themselves under the thumb of a criminal genius after a plane load of cash crashed in their mountains. Gabe and Hal are not on the best of terms as Hal blames Gabe for the climbing accident that claimed his girlfriend’s life. Gabe himself is not in the best of mental shapes. The two enemies must unite if they are to defeat the bad guy played by a scenery munching John Lithgow.

Little makes sense in Cliffhanger. Neither the Stallone and Rooker characters are wearing suitable clothes for the weather they know they will have to work in. In one scene Stallone has to climb something like a thousand feet wearing only a sweatshirt and then a t-shirt. He also takes a dip in a frozen lake and comes out bone dry and nice and warm.

It is the action and tension that makes this movie and little else. There is enough of it to keep most fans of the genre interested though at 113 minutes it is a little trying.

Special feature on Cliffhanger Blu-ray include Commentary with Stallone and Harlin, Deleted Scenes, Storyboard Comparisons, a thing about the special effects, and a Making Of. There is also BD Live.

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