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Mainstream - Chuck The Complete Second Season Blu-ray

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Chuck Season 2 Blu-ray
Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin
22 episodes 4 Blu-ray discs
Originally broadcast NBC 2008-09
Warner Home Entertainment 2010

At the beginning of season 1, Chuck became a living hard drive containing all of the government’s intelligence (no snarky comment). Chuck Season 2 features more of this comedy action spy TV show whose life is in danger as often as Chuck’s. This Blu-ray set features 22 episodes on 4 discs. Each episode has a deleted scene as extra feature. Episode 12 is in 3D and old-fashion blu-green cardboard glasses are provided.

Chuck is not a classic or must see show but it is entertaining and fun to watch. There is little to justify choosing Blu-ray over DVD if price is a consideration.

Chuck Season 2 clip 1   Clip 2     Clip 3    Clip 4    Clip 5

Chuck is a somewhat reluctant secret agent by default who is protected by two real agents: John Casey and the very lovely Sarah who becomes the show’s love interest. Chuck’s cover is being a service geek at a Buy More aka Best Buy. The store features the usual dysfunctional staff that gets the show a few extra laughs and silly secondary storylines.

This is a fun mix of action and comedy. Guest stars such as John Laroquette as a suave spy and Michael Clark Duncan (Green Mile) as a baddie add a fun touch to the show. The formula is somewhat repetitive: because of the information in his head Chuck flashes on somebody or something that proves to be a danger to national security and he, Casey, and Sarah must prevent the end of the world or something like that.

The comedy here is good but not quite good enough to really make this spy comedy a must see. Much the same could be said about the action.

Then again, the show has a strong and vocal enough following that has saved it from cancellation so far so what do I know.

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