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Mainstream - Barbra Streisand - Up The Sandbox

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Up the Sandbox
Barbra Streisand, David Selby
Directed by Irvin Kershner
Originally released 1972
Warner Home Entertainment
97 minutes

Barbra Streisand blows up the Statue of Liberty in Up the Sandbox. It also turns out Fidel Castro has breasts. The blurb for this Streisand DVD claims it is an imaginative look at feminism’s roots. Aside from a few shrill moments featuring the main character, it is kind of hard to figure out where feminism comes into this bizarre mess of a movie found in the bargain bin for 3 dollars.

Streisand plays Margaret Hamilton, a mother of two married to a college professor. Margaret either has a very vivid imagination or she is prone to some of the weirdest acid trips ever.

Up the Sandbox is a disaster you keep watching with some fascination as to where it could possibly go next. Next includes scenes where (the British neighbor in The Jeffersons) plays weird aboriginal instruments, Margaret joining the Black Panthers, strange pseudo-intellectual moments featuring Margaret’s husband Paul, and Streisand dressed up as an African warrior.

The fact Streisand plays Margaret Hamilton sometimes subdued and sometimes shriller than Dixie Carter in Designing Women does not help.

This Barbra Streisand DVD is for completist fans only.

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