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Mainstream - Barbra Streisand - All Night Long

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All Night Long
Barbra Streisand, Gene Hackman, Dennis Quaid
Directed by Jean-Claude Tramont
Universal 1981
88 minutes

All Night Long is a very, very minor Barbra Streisand comedy. Streisand plays the sort of loopy woman that made What’s Up Doc? such a great comedy but this time the story and characters are too thin to sustain a movie. You would think a comic film that also includes Gene Hackman and a very young Dennis Quaid would have something going for it but All Night Long doesn’t.

The central character in All of Me is George Dupler (Gene Hackman). Dupler is going through a mid-life crisis and after a tantrum at the company he works is demoted to night manager at a 24-hour pharmacy. He meets his sort of sister-in-law Cheryl (Streisand) at a party, discovers his son (Quaid) is having an affair with her, and then also ends up having an affair with Cheryl.

This Streisand comedy tries to hang its story on the mid-life crisis, be your own self, explore your dreams coat hanger. Unfortunately, the threads are thin and the material not well-cut.

This movie was probably outdated when it came out in 1981 and it is even more so now.

All Night Long is watchable even if you are not a Streisand fan but only as a curiosity, not as a real movie.

Probably available at a bargain bin near you. That's where I got it.

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